Sunday, May 23, 2010

House of Totoro

((Living Room - sketch 1)
(Living Room - sketch 2)
(Dining Room - Sketch 1)
(Dining Room - Sketch 2)
(Study Room)
(Drawing table cum lightbox)

Just sketched

Rough interior sketch my our home's desired design.

April 2010

How to renovate and decorate our home interior has been a headache and major cause for our move-in plans.

After much fruitful discussion, we decided to create more of a comtemporary Japanese kind of theme with a touch of tradition sense. Much from the inspirations from one of our favorite anime, Totoro where the characters from modern Japan moved into a traditional japanese rice plantation village to recuperate and live a rural life.

Out of enthusiasm, I did my own research and did some rough sketches on our interior desired theme.

This is a basis of what we show to our interior designers so there will not have any miscommunications.

Eventful Malaysia Roadtrip (comicstrip)

Pencil-drawn, speech bubbles/effects and minor touchup from Photoshop 6.0.

Short Comic Strip about an eventful Malaysia roadtrip.

May 2010

This story is told to me by my wife during one of her gatherings. I find it so amusing yet easy to put on paper. Took a break from my 30 page comic project to do a quick 3 page strip.

I could have used a more casual style to bring out the humor but I want to continue to practice on my actual style. The pages are drawn in a haste hence it's unrefined. Think I took 3 days, 3hours each day to complete.

Hope to do more of such short strips instead of 30pages "publishable" comic, this way I can see the end result faster and earlier.