Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comic: Ex Wallaby 99 Part 1

Pencil-drawn, Inked, effects by Photoshop 6.0.

Document the experience of a NSF from the Scout Platoon of 46th battalion of the Singapore Armour Regiment (46SAR), NS batch 1998 -2001 during Exercise Wallaby 99.

This short strip documents the first 2 days of their training stint in the foreign land of Australia. From the thick, humid tropical forest of Singapore to the Dry and hot Australian outback. It's not only a culture shock, it's a whole new test of endurance and survivability.


Found these strips when I was clearing some files, so decided to include here....This is done during my NS days based on my experience of Exercise Wallaby without any sanction from the official media or mindef.

I had this idea as I was reading a copy of "Army Daze" comic done by Cheah. However I feel it not an accurate or an outdated representation of how and what army life is all about.I was intending to draw based on my own experience right down to the mission/exercise level. From my recce prep to my FTX missions all the way to live firing exercise. Including the heli-insertion and all the funny/scary/tired encounters we had throughout the 3 weeks stint.

But alas, unlike other NSF who get laze to work only 8 to 5 as a military clerk. I'm a full combat troop in an active battalion. With all the training, exercise and "shit work" flying around, it isn't a very condusive place to draw.

Hence the idea was scrapped after the 2nd strip barely half-done.Am I going to carry on? Too late, I lost most of the detailed memories needed to complete the strip, but all the vivid memories during EX. Wallaby 99 will stay in my life forever.